Fluid Power

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Rotating Rotary Union

Standard Bearings offers a full line of fluid power products for all your industrial applications. We carry fluid power components of all types, manufacturers and price points. Contact Standard Bearings today to help select the proper fluid power products for your specific application.



  • Actuators Linear and rotary rodless cylinders
  • Air Prep Filters, regulators, lubricators and mist separators
  • Bolting Tools Hydraulic bolting tools, torque wrenches and tensioners
  • Brakes and Clutches Pneumatic brakes, clutches, rail brakes and rod locks
  • Cylinders Pancake, multi-power, stopper, disposable, tie rod and swing clamp
  • Hose & Fittings Air and hydraulic hose & fittings
  • Motors Air and hydraulic motors
  • Power Packs Power units for specific applications
  • Pumps Gear and hydraulic pumps
  • Rotary Unions Air and hydraulic unions
  • Slides & Grippers Linear slides and pneumatic grippers for pick and place applications
  • Suction Cups Standard and special suction cups and accessories
  • Vacuum Pumps Vacuum pumps, ejectors, generators and accessories
  • Valves Solenoid valves and manifolds
  • Work Holding Clamps and work supports


Fluid Power Manufacturers

  • Barco
  • Barmesa Pumps
  • Bradford
  • Brennan
  • Coval
  • Deublin
  • Dixon
  • Fabco-Air
  • Fittings Unlimited
  • Goodyear Veyance
  • Granzow
  • Hanna
  • Int’l Fluid Power
  • Jason Hose
  • Lumaco
  • Lovejoy
  • Manastrip
  • Multi-Power Cylinder
  • Nomad
  • Norgren
  • Pancake Cylinder
  • Pneuforce
  • Pneumatic Cylinders & Couplers
  • Prevost
  • SPX
  • Strahman Valves
  • Titan Manufacturing
  • Vacuforce
  • Viking Pump Hygenic
  • WC Branhan
  • Wright Flow Tech
  • Yates Cylinder