Product Spotlight: Simatec BP 160 Bearing Puller

Posted on Aug 8, 2022

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Standard Bearings offers the Simatec BP 160 Bearing Puller, the ideal solution for removing deep groove ball bearings from the shaft and from the housing used in a variety of industries where ball bearings are present. Some specific industries include machine construction, operational maintenance, maintenance of electric motors, conveyor technology, textiles, metalworking, and more!

What is the BP 160 Bearing Puller? 

The BP 160 Bearing Puller permits the professional removal of deep groove ball bearings. Sealed bearings can also be removed along with the corresponding seal. The ball adapters of the pull rod are inserted in the bearing race and then rotated by 90 degrees to ensure a secure hold. The BP 160 Bearing Puller makes it possible to remove more than 50 different deep groove ball bearings, with an inner diameter of from 30 to 160 mm.

BP 160 Bearing Puller

Why Choose the Simatec BP 160? 

  • Professional removal of deep groove ball bearings
  • Adjacent parts do not need to be removed or dismantled
  • Long working life due to the selection of high-quality materials
  • High-quality case


Bearing Puller Case

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