Need Help With Your Plastic Extrusion Applications? We Serve the Plastics Industry!

Posted on Sep 27, 2021

Plastic Extrusion

Standard Bearings offers a full range of products for use in the plastics industry, specifically plastic extrusion. From rotating unions to thrust bearing assemblies, SBC has the quality products and industry expertise to keep your plastic extrusion applications running smoothly.

Some of our products include:

Deublin Rotating Unions

Deublin Rotating Union

– Offers optimal cooling to relieve internal stress in high sped sheet extrusion

– Provides temperature conditioning of the extruder screw

Ramsey Silent Chain

Ramsey Silent Chain

– Minimizes chatter marks when processing extruded sheet

RBC Thrust Bearings

Thrust BearingThrust Bearing

 – Tapered roller thrust bearings with MAX3 clean steel results in higher capacities and fatigue life in Plastics Extruders

Spherical Bearings

Spherical Bearing

– Chill roll journal bearings that can handle high load capacity, severed misalignment, contaminated environments, shocks, and vibrations

Nexen Clutches & Brakes



– Tension clutches & brakes common on wind/unwind stands

Vacuum Conveying Products

– Cam & groove hose fittings

– Antistatic Hoses & Hi-temp steam/oil hoses

– Vacuum Generators

– Pneumatics

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